UG94E Upgrade straightener wide cyber large 38x 90 mm

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Floating plates make it the best straightener for making curls

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The Cyber line of straighteners offers everything a hairdresser needs: they are ideal for any type of hair, and can be used for very creative results, from flawless, smooth effects to creative finishes of curls or soft waves - in just a few short steps, thanks to the greater mobility of the plates.


   Floating plates make it the best straightener for making curls. The Slim and Large versions are both beautifully designed and highly technologically advanced.

Cyber: the beauty of going from soft curls to perfect smoothing.

FLOATING: Her plates are "floating", movable, which makes her ideal for creating not only wonderful straight hairstyles, but also high-quality waves and soft curls.

FASHION: The device has an elegant, soft-touch housing with a glossy cover, which rotates a few degrees when turned on

. FUNCTIONAL: Cyber straighteners are shorter than many other standard straighteners = very handy to use and carry during styling.

ORIGINAL: Innovative design with digital temperature display built into the tiles. It becomes visible only when it is turned on/in use.

TWO SIZES: The Cyber model comes in two different sizes: narrow and wide - they have different tile widths


  • - advanced system with digital display that can be used to set the temperature in the range from 180 ° C to 230 ° C; double supply voltage (110 V and 220 V)
  • - ceramic MCH heating element for more stable temperature during styling
  • - automatic power off function
  • - floating, black tourmaline-covered titanium straightener plates
  • - dimensions: tiles in Cyber narrow 23 x 90 mm; in Cyber wide 38 x 90 mm


Brand Upgrade
Manufacturer's code UG94E
Model UG94E
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