• Payment

1. Transfer to a bank account
A form of payment for customers who prefer to log in to an online bank, visit a bank branch or post office. After booking the ordered goods, the customer receives a bank account number by e-mail, to which the correct amount should be transferred. As soon as the payment is credited to the bank account, the order is transferred to the warehouse to prepare the shipment.

2. Cash on delivery
Payment in cash to the courier upon receipt of the order.

3. Online transfer
Electronic payment method supported by:

4 By credit card

For those interested in what Blue Media is:
Online transfers
Most often chosen by buyers
Support for all banks
Fast, convenient and intuitive payment
Transfers account for approx. 65% of online payments made on our website. They are the most popular payment method. Full automation of the process makes the transaction intuitive, and we immediately record the payment.

Speed and convenience in transaction execution
Maximum security – transaction confirmation in the banking application
A wide range of implementation options – including one click, IVR, cyclical blik
Convenience: All you need is a phone to quickly pay for online purchases (no need to have a credit card or access to an online account).
Accessibility: BLIK allows phone users to make payments in shops, cafes and service points, withdraw cash with their phone at ATMs, make payments on the Internet.
Security: A one-time, six-digit code is generated for each transaction, which can only be used for two minutes.