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We are glad that you are visiting the store with the best hairdressing equipment! A shop with devices for hairdressers who value the quality, functionality, comfort and appearance of the devices they use.

In our store for hairdressers (although not only for them), you will find hair styling devices, hairdressing furniture and other assortment for hairdressing salons! Is this what you're looking for? So you've hit it perfectly.

You are in a place created for people professionally dealing with hair styling. But also for those for whom hair is not necessarily a professional passion - but beautiful, well-groomed, healthy and styled hair is their business card, a hallmark, they are a reason to be proud! We also run a hairdressing online store for them!

Who we are?

Behind the store is the Łódź-based company EuroFryz s.c. Being in the hairdressing industry, you must have heard about us. We have been operating on the market for over 20 years! How time flies, even we can't believe it!

We are known throughout Poland as the general distributor of cosmetics from the top concept brand. Do you know phenomenal milk_shake coloring cocktails? This is us! Those who have so many fantastic coloring and hair care treatments. And those who organize such phenomenal trainings, both at our Academy in Łódź, as well as in the country and abroad! We also distribute the DEPOT The Male Tools & co brand, which is becoming more and more popular in the domestic barbering industry.

Yes, hairdressing is our whole professional life. And we are happy that we can provide the best solutions to the same enthusiasts of hair care as we are.

So if you are wondering which company in the hairdressing industry is the best, offers the fullest support for the hairdresser, for which cooperation with hairdressing salons is a pleasure, a mutual pleasure - this is EuroFryz s.c. The company already enjoys thousands of satisfied customers - hairdressers all over Poland. Because we know perfectly well what customers of hairdressing salons expect - and we meet these needs!

What we offer?

In the assortment of the store you will find hair styling devices that no hairdressing salon can do without. Therefore, you will find curling irons, straighteners, dryers, crimpers, wave irons, straightening brushes, as well as hair clippers - of course in many types, with different specificity and application possibilities.

Thanks to these devices, all curls, waves, as well as buns will be perfect. Straight hair will delight with its impeccable, perfect line. Each type of hair will captivate with its smoothness and healthy look. You will see what impression this wow effect will make on your clients!

 Yes, clients are important.

But we also pay special attention to whether the devices we offer will provide you, the hair stylist, with appropriate work comfort. Will they help to reduce fatigue, stimuli to which your hands or ears are subjected? Because at the store, we perfectly understand what it means to stand for hours with a dryer in hand. Or use the straightener all day. We know that at some point, with the wrong equipment, it can become a torture, but it can also cause permanent damage to your health. That is why we choose the hairdressing tools we offer also in terms of your comfort and well-being!

What other hairdressing tools should be dreamed of? Economical? Yes, we have energy efficient hairdressing equipment. Thanks to it, your electricity bills will be significantly lower! It pays off, it's an investment! Light? Of course. Light hairdressing tools will save you from joint pain! Quiet? Of course! Quiet hairdressing devices will protect your hearing, and you will be able to easily communicate with the client sitting in the hairdressing chair. This is what we wrote about - in the context of your comfort and health. Reliable? Sure thing! Reliable hairdressing equipment is our specialty. With us you will find, among others, products with the indication that if a given device fails in the first year of use, we will replace the equipment with a new one without repair upon presentation of a receipt or invoice (see the warranty conditions in the warranty tab). These are just favorable commercial conditions for hairdressers, right? Appearance also matters! It is important for us that it fits into the image of a professional hair stylist, fits into the interior of a hairdressing salon, interiors in which you put your whole heart into the device. We like simplicity, we like timelessness, universality, but we also do not despise luxury - and these are the hairdressing tools we offer.

Professionals will also be interested in the assortment for hairdressing salons - brushes and bowls, capes, tissues for removing paint, hairdressing foil, grooved foil in a roll, cut foil, long balayage foil, as well as the highest quality training heads for hairdressers. You will also find excellent, comfortable and functional hairdressing furniture and aesthetic, practical cosmetic furniture. Everything for the hair salon! And if you need anything else, please contact us! I will helpy!

Tools of which companies do we sell?

In the offer of the store you will find professional hair styling devices from the Italian company Labor Pro - of which we are the official Polish distributor. It is an honor for us, because this company very carefully selects its key trading partners around the world. The company, with over fifty years of experience, is known for how much attention it pays to the expectations of its customers, how much it listens to the voice of hairdressers.

One of Labor Pro's product lines is UPGRADE - with a characteristic logo consisting of a red circle and a white heart inscribed in it. Products in deep black color attract attention with their minimalism and harmony emphasizing their lines.

The UPGRADE series includes, among others, sensational infrared tools - harnessed by the creators of these devices in the service of beauty for hair. Bio-infrared technology uses electromagnetic waves that act directly inside the hair, achieving maximum styling results at a lower temperature than conventional devices. And the hair gains shine! So if you are interested in devices as innovative as infrared hairdressing equipment with electromagnetic waves - the Bio-Infrared Upgrade is just for you!

The Labor Pro company also offers devices in the luxurious style of the Labor Pro Elite series, super modern and extremely elegant. Navy blue, black and gold - do you like this combination? You'll love the Elite series. Also noteworthy in the Labor Pro range are the amazing Federico Fashion Style brushes developed in collaboration with the top Italian stylist, Federico Fashion. In our opinion, these are the most luxurious, most beautiful and best hairbrushes - and working with them is pure pleasure!

In our store you will also find Styletek hairdressing foils, high-quality Gordon hairdressing equipment and hair cosmetics from the Israeli brand Wellness.

When selecting companies whose products we sell, we first make sure that their quality is actually the highest. We check them in many ways, and we ask friendly hairdressers for opinions. We only offer products that we have no doubts about. The ones that we know will work well in hairdressing salons. They will serve for a long time, meet the expectations of stylists, their clients and clients, helping to make their hair more beautiful.

Wholesale panel - better prices!

If you are a hairdresser and run a hair salon, we have a special price offer for you. By registering in the store and logging in to the wholesale panel, you will learn about exceptionally favorable prices. Wholesale prices for hairdressers! Wholesale prices for professional hairdressing equipment! Yes! You can take advantage of wholesale prices, even if you run a small, one-person hairdressing or beauty salon. Affordable prices will certainly gain recognition in the eyes of the owners of new hairdressing salons, just starting their work.

In this special way, we appreciate the professionals for whom the devices we sell have been created

zone. We believe that hair stylists who are looked after in such a way will stay with us for good and, along with the development of their business, will be ordering more tools to beautify their clients' hair with us - a reliable partner. Yes, we are interested in permanent cooperation!

Using the wholesale panel itself is simple. Even if you are a retail customer, you can use it by being registered as an entrepreneur. Do you run a hair salon, a beauty salon, or other activity related to the beauty industry? To work! Registration will only take a moment - we will ask you for company details, including NIP. After verification, you will be able to shop at exceptionally favorable, affordable, competitive prices!


Prices for professionals, discounts for hairdressers, a special offer for hairdressers, for hairdressing salons - we provide all this in the store! And thanks to this, we can say that we have the most favorable, best commercial conditions for hairdressers!

Deferred PAYPO payments

It is often the case that the hairdresser would like to try the purchased equipment first, but without freezing his cash. Or he needs the device now, but will have the funds to buy it soon. We understand it all!

And that is why in the store you can use the PayPo deferred payment option. What is it all about? You order now, we ship the device, you try it out - but with PayPo you only pay after 30 days. And without any additional costs, with full transaction security. Deferred payments in the store are a great way for convenient online shopping for hairdressers.

Hairdressing equipment, wholesale prices for hairdressers and deferred payments! Yes, it goes together great! Take advantage of the payment option after 30 days with PayPo!

Share your opinion!

We are working at full capacity! The store managers make every effort to ensure that the hairdressing equipment we offer is of the highest quality, the assortment is full, complete, rich, but also at a price that will pleasantly surprise our customers! Employees of our warehouse make sure that shipments reach customers quickly, and of course in impeccable condition!

We are therefore convinced that you, as our customer, will be 100% satisfied with your purchases at!

And that is why we want to ask you to share your opinion - both about the purchased products and the quality of service - on the Internet. You can do it on the store website, on websites like Opineo or Ceneo, but also on our social media: @Upgradepolska on Facebook, @upgrade.poland on Instagram, @upgrade_poland on Tik Tok and Labor pro Polska on You Tube!

Thank you in advance for every opinion about the store!

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