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Italian quality in Polish hairdressing

When we created our company Euro-Fryz s.c. We have set ourselves the goal of offering only the highest quality products. From the beginning, we were looking for something that would stand out from the standard offer. The long search paid off, because that's how we got to know the LABORPRO brand

LABORPRO is an Italian manufacturer of hairdressing equipment, which for over 20 years has been creating innovative hair care equipment for hairdressers. They offer not only ready-made products, but also business know-how, thanks to which their commercial offer is affordable for everyone. The comprehensive approach has verified that their brand is already available in over 65 countries, including Poland!

Innovative UPGRADE and LABOR PRO Technology

This brand is not only innovative products, but also a comprehensive approach to hairdressing and professional development.

Even the best product may not fulfill its role if it is used incorrectly. We believe that the strength lies in their professional use. That is why we particularly liked Upgrade, which also offers specialized training, shows and courses for hairdressers, focusing on continuous development. Because a visit to a hair salon should be a unique experience. After its completion, customers should not only look great, but also feel fantastic.

Labor pro also trains hairdressers in customer service and how to take care of him, how to build a long-term relationship with him, and above all how to become an expert and stand out from the numerous competition.


Comprehensive solutions for hair salons

Laborpro has several lines of equipment and specialized hairdressing products. On the Polish market there are series:

  • Each of them is a full range of products that guarantee comprehensive service at the highest world level. All of them were created on the basis of the results of advanced research on hair technology. Thanks to them, you can create hairstyles that emphasize a casual style, as well as those in which you will show creativity.

Laborpro These are universal products, designed for everyone. Particularly noteworthy is the Bioinfrared series , which uses old Chinese recipes based  on natural ingredients. These are cosmetics that meet all the needs of hair salon customers. In addition, they provide unique sensations and give a sense of harmony between the senses.